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Benefits Enrollment/Administration System Module

  • Captures employee/dependent information (unless integrated with HRIS system)
  • System notifies new hires to enroll based on their waiting period
  • Communicates specific benefits by employer and rates by pay period
  • Provides completed enrollment information back to you and in most cases can send the information electronically to each carrier
  • Provides file export to outside vendors, i.e. payroll provider, COBRA administrator and others for new hires, qualifying events, and terminations
  • Notifies employees, HR and managers of open enrollments that are uncompleted by due date
  • Employee Benefit Statements showing employer and employee contributions
  • IRS Code 6055; tracks and completes the IRS 1095 form for all current and former employees
  • Robust reporting for a variety of benefits administration functions
  • Mobile Application

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Module

  • Online onboarding capturing employee information that can be exported to payroll provider, COBRA administrator and other vendors
  • Online off-boarding of employees that are terminated
  • Upload and store performance reviews and disciplinary reports
  • Provides secure, online storage of employee documents, i.e. W4, I9, employee handbook and any other company documents
  • Store employee physician contacts and emergency contacts
  • Capture Dependent Information
  • PTO Tracking - Tracks paid time off electronically with online employee request and manager approval
  • Automatically integrates with our Benefits Enrollment/Administration and Payroll System
  • Robust reporting for a variety of HR compliance functions

ACA IRS Code 6055/6056
1095/1094 Reporting

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  • What would it be like if you processed payroll manually?
  • How much time and money would it cost to manually process W2’s at the end of the year?

IRS Forms 1095 b & c are the W2’s of Healthcare!!

How Much Did Your Employer Clients Spend Processing 2015’s 1095’s ????

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  • Required for small employers (under 50 employees) who have a self-funded medical plan
  • Required for all large employers (over 50 employ- ees) who have a self-funded or fully-insured medical plan
  • Must be provided to all current and terminated employees
  • Can be sent with employees W2 forms
  • Fines are $100 per employee 1095, employer 1094 up to $1,500,000 maximum annually

“ParadiseHR” is your solution to track and complete the 1095 forms for 2015 and going forward; saving you $1,000’s of dollars.
Our system,

  • Will track from January forward to capture entire year
  • Tracks all the information needed to auto complete the 1095 forms for each employee, ready for distribution
  • Provides a benefits enrollment system to capture new hires, family event changes and open enrollment electronically