PradiseHR, based in Dallas, Texas has developed a proprietary Human Resource and Benefits Administration software system that is designed to be marketed through the employee benefits broker and consultant to their employer clients. The entry of Healthcare Reform has changed how employers must comply and the systems required to comply with the new law. It will also provide efficiencies in HR and Benefits Administration that will save time and money for brokers, consultants and employers.

Company Management

Alan Rodriquez, Chairman, COO and owner of PradiseHR, has been in an executive management role for the past 35 years managing the startup and operations of Tiger Industries, a manufacturing firm in Dallas, Texas. Before retiring in 2011 he held the role of President and COO for over 35 years. He spent the last four years working as the President and Owner of Greater Southwest Business Services, Inc. as a consultant to the industry in which he spent his prevoius 35 years. Active in association committees, building code committees and international marketing, he was inovative in proprietary product design with multiple patents awarded in the US and internationally, he is an accomplished executive and investor eager to remain active in the day to day operations of PradiseHR.

In 2015, he started PradiseHR.

PradiseHR Software System / Worksite Insurance Products

PradiseHR is a proprietary system, owned and developed by iCloud Development, LLC. and its partners, Alan Rodriguez and iCloud Development, LLC. PradiseHR automates the HR and Benefits process and provide employers with an electronic, paperless system for onboarding new hires and enrolling employees in benefits. It will capture electronically their W4 and I9, along with any company documents, i.e. employee handbook, mission statement and confidentiality agreement required by new hires to review and electronically sign during the onboarding process. We also provide an online HR Resource Tool to insure employers are up to speed with the ever-changing HR and employee-related compliance requirements on a federal and state-by-state basis. Our system will have a PTO System (Paid Time Off) for employers to keep track of employees and their time off. We also have a time tracking system for hourly employees to clock in/out. This will track part-time, hourly employees to insure 30 hours is not exceeded per week, which is another aspect of Healthcare Reform.

Our proprietary benefits enrollment system will communicate the benefits offered to employees, i.e., medical, dental, life, vision, and so forth and showing rates by pay period. It captures the employee's personal and dependent information, benefit elections, and sends the information electronically to each insurance company in a paperless, electronic file format.

Our system tracks, on a monthly basis, employees who have enrolled and who have waived medical coverage, as well as those who have terminated. This is important to properly track for the purposes of providing the completed IRS 1095 form, ready for distribution to current and former employees.

The pricing options are designed to accommodate brokers, general agents, and employers based on their investment tolerance and achieving a favorable per employee per month (PEPM) price point for their agencies or their clients. We also have a pricing model for direct employers for brokers who have only a few clients that need our system, but do not want to invest in our monthly or annual access fee. The monthly PEPM for this option will be substantially higher.

Our software system is designed to relieve the broker and employer of the manual functions of Human Resources, Benefits and Healthcare Reform Compliance Administration.

PradiseHR will generate commissions from a variety of employee benefit insurance products, in conjunction with its brokers participation, generated from employee participation. It will enhance PradiseHR revenue and also offset the PEPM of our system in some cases. The products are offered to employees who pay 100% of the cost. We will further enhance our revenue from insurance companies, third party administrators and other vendors that will adopt and private label our system and pay us a PEPM or percentage of total premiums written through our system.